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Benefit of Zeolite Uses in Agriculture

Zeolite has many range in benefit for our life. Agriculture plays main sector of human life since its a basic needs which covers food supply. In this article we keen to share how zeolite can be has huge benefit in agriculture sector such as paddy, corn, tobacco and others short age and long age plant.

Benefit of Zeolite in the Agriculture:

  • Increase levels of dissolved oxygen in the rice field irrigation water.
  • Maintain the pH balance of the soil.
  • Able to bind heavy metals that are poison plants such as Pb and Cd
  • Bind cations and elements in fertilizers such as urea NH 4 + and K +, KCl and Posphat ion, so the absorption of fertilizer to be efficient (not wasteful).
  • Environmentally friendly because it neutralizes the polluting elements.
  • Improve soil structure (physical properties) because the content of Ca and Na.
  • Increase the soil CEC (chemical).
  • Increase crop yield

How to Use Natural Zeolite in Agriculture:

  • The use of zeolite should be done at the time of land preparation (raking) That is by spread evenly with a dose of 100 g/m2
  • Mix the fertilizer at the time of fertilization with a ratio of about 5% – 20% of the dose of fertilizer used.

Herewith the dosage of natural zeolite for seasonal plant:

Types of Plants Dossage
Paddy, sorghum, wheat and Corn  150 – 300
Soybeans and Peanut  100 – 250
Sweet Potato and Cassava 100 – 200
Cabbage, Cabbage Flowers and Lettuce 100 – 250
Onions, garlic, Scallion, Celery, and Carrot 150 – 300
Banana and Pineapple 250 – 400
Tobacco 350 – 500
Sugar Cane 400 – 600



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