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Volcanic Powder

Volcanic Powder

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Size Available: 2-7 MM

Volcanic Powder / Soil is scientifically covers 1% of the Earth’s surface and supports 10% of the world’s population. It is including some of the highest human population densities. It is usually accredited to the high natural fertility. In fact, such soils represent the surface areas of our planet that are being refilled with new minerals escaping from the interior of the Earth. However, some deep magmatic processes lead to an imbalance of elements in volcanic soil parent materials which can impact on the health of plants and animals growing in or on them.

Volcanic Powder / Soil cover more than 124 million hectares of the Earth’s surface. The major areas of volcanic soils border the Pacific where oceanic plate subduction produces extensive rhyolitic and andesitic volcanism. Major areas of the soils occur in Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Central America, the United States, Kamchatka, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, New Zealand, and the independent island of the southwest Pacific. Indeed, basaltic volcanism dominates in the islands of the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic oceans where new lithosphere is being added to existing plates, such as in Iceland or where hot mantle plumes pierce through the lithosphere, as in Hawaii.

Volcanic soils are ideal for vegetable production because of the high subsoil macroporosity. This encourages root vegetables including potatoes, carrots, onions, and turnips, to expand without limit in freely drained subsoil environment. In New Zealand this is best achieved at altitudes which experience winter frost that kills off pests and diseases. Without winter frost fungal diseases such as mildew are a limitation for vegetable production. Buy volcanic soil online on this site, and get the qualified products.

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