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Granular Zeolite

Granular Zeolite




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Our Granular Zeolite Specification:

Granular Zeolite has very wide range of materials for both natural and synthetic origin. Granular zeolite is a natural fertilizer to make damaged soil of the excessive use of anorganic tums into a better quality.

The substance of SiO2 is able to tie up poison’s substance with its characteristics of wide porous so that it will absorb more water and minerals to raise plants need. There are three modes of vapor diffusion in granular zeolites and some results you should know. The first mode involves diffusion pf adsorbate through crystals and along secondary pores.

On the basis of steady-state diffusion experiments, the diffusion within the zeolite crystals is not significant as a contribution to total diffusion of organic vapors through the granule. In the second and the third modes, diffusion to the central parts of a granule is limited to secondary pores.

The major user are now is significantly for commercial importance with the replacing of phosphates in detergent powders being a very significant applicant for powdered materials.

Special granular zeolite graded are available from universal for use in water treatment applications. These do not contribute to the organic content of potable waters.

These are more open structured and are non crystalline or amorphous. Buy Zeolite granular online on this site, and get qualified product.

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