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Zeolite Usage Area

Natural Zeolites can be used in some areas of industry including feed additive / soil conditioner, waste water treatment media, cat litter, pool filtration media, aquacultural uses, aquarium filtration media, radioactive water treatment, fillers. Gas purification and seperation, and Lightweight Construction Materials.

The use of additive in animals good on the daily diet will reduce digestion system ilnesses. Furthermore, this hhas a positive effect on the growing up of animals. While for fertillizzerf additive / soil conditioner, natural zeolites are slow release fertilizers.

One of the most essential Zeolites funtion is for cleaner on waste water treatment media. Zeolites cleans the environment safer in a many ways. Zeolite also plays an important role in reducing the toxic waste. In other way zeolite has a molecular sponge with high poroty and lock-up capability for absorbing free ammonia and other cat odors. As a pool filtration media, zeolites minreal offers a great performance for sand and carbon filters, creating purer water and higher output rates with nearly no maintenance.

Zeolites reduces ammonimum and hydrogen sulphide levels in fish/prawn ponds resulting in the increasing of fish/prawn growth rates and population densities, thus it is good for aquacultural uses.

Zeolite also contains og a high ion ecchange capacity and particular affinity for heavy metals cations, so it will be a good one for radioactive waste treatment. In the manufacturer of papers, zeolites is used as filters.

The filter grades of zeolite have a large potential for utilization in paint and plastic industries. There are also many other function of natural zeolite. Buy zeolites onlone on this site and we deal it with our best products.

Herewith the zeolite usage area summary:

Water Treatment

  • Water filtration
  • Heavy metal removal
  • Swimming pools

Wastewater Treatment

  • Ammonia in municipal sludge
  • Heavy metal removal
  • Septic leach fields


  • Odor control
  • Confined animal environmental control
  • Livestock feed additives


  • Nurseries, Greenhouses
  • Floriculture
  • Vegetables/herbs
  • Foliage
  • Tree and shrub transplanting
  • Turf grass soil amendment
  • Reclamation, revegetation, landscaping
  • Silviculture (forestry, tree plantations)
  • Medium for hydroponic growing

Household Products

  • Household odor control
  • Pet odor control

Industrial Products

  • Absorbents for oil and spills
  • Gas separations

Radioactive Waste

  • Site remediation/decontamination


  • Ammonia filtration in fish hatcheries
  • Biofilter media

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