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Advantages of Natural Zeolite in Palm Oil Plantation

 Natural Zeolite have many advantage in agriculture especially in soil conditioner and fertilizer for Palm Oil Plantation. According to Journal Palm Oil Research on 1996, 40% of fertilizer nutrients loss due to leaching and high temperature. Beside that common fertilizer does not improve soil condition (pH), aeration, irrigation and crop’s immunity. Also only can provide minimum micro nutrients for the soil.

By mixed natural zeolite and the fertilizer it can be improving the balance of the pH level of soils (soil conditioner). Also prevent loss of fertilizer nutrients (Not effected by rain or high temperature).

By using Natural Zeolite We can increase costs-effectiveness up to 50% (Reduce total fertilizer cost). Because We can replace the 50% of the dosage of fertilizer that must be provided with the natural zeolite. As you know Natural Zeolite is very cheap. Natural Zeolites also can be combined with all type of fertilizer.

Besides, our natural zeolite has high Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) this shows that our Natural Zeolites has good qualities. High Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) makes our natural zeolite more efficient and slow releasing the nutrient to the plants.

Our Zeolite Specification:

 Size  : 2-5 mm
 SiO2  :  66.68%……………..Al2O3 : 12.26%
 Fe2O3  :  1.81% …………….CaO  : 4.25%
 MgO  :  1.05% ……………..Na2O: 2.46%
 K2O  :  2.66%  …………….TiO2 : 0.19%
 MnO2  :  0.06%  …………….P2O5 : 0.06%
 H2O  :  1.18%
 pH  :  7.5
 Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC)  :  138.40 meq %


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  • Anthony K Samuel
    February 19, 2012

    I am interested to know more about Zeolite for my oil palm.
    May I know where to obtain zeolite in Kuching, Sarawak.


  • Anthony K Samuel
    April 9, 2012

    The function of zeolite attracts my attention. In the case for oil palm, what’s the proportion of NPK fertilizer & zeolite to be applied per tree.

    Based on your experience, how much in terms of percentage increased in yield using zeolite.


    • naturalzeolites
      April 12, 2012

      Hi Anthony, Thanks for your email. Herewith the calculation by using Zeolite + NPK compare to using NPK only :

      Before using zeolite normally in Indonesia and Malaysia we use common fertilizer likes NPK 750 Kg for 10 Acres. After using zeolite we replace the 40% of current fertilizer so only use 450 Kg of NPK and 300 Kg we replace with zeolite.

      Herewith the details:
      Before: 10 Acres —-> 750 Kg of NPK
      After : 10 Acres —-> 450 Kg NPK + 300 Kg Zeolite

      By replaced the 40% with zeolite you can save the cost 30-35%for fertilizer
      If anything you need from me pls just let me know You can contact directly to my mobile no +628174122259 or email me


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