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How Natural Zeolite Can Save Your Fertilizer Cost in Palm Oil Plantation

I have a lot of question regarding Zeolite advantages. How Zeolite really can increase productivity and save fertilizer cost especially in Palm Oil plantation and Para Rubber plantation.

Let me give you a study case which is happen in Indonesia and Malaysia where Indonesia and Malaysia is world biggest palm oil and para rubber producer.

Before using zeolite normally in Indonesia and Malaysia we use common fertilizer likes NPK 750 Kg for 10 Acres. After using zeolite we replace the 40% of current fertilizer so only use 450 Kg of NPK and 300 Kg we replace with zeolite.

As far I know price for Zeolite Powder in Malaysia RM 60/50 Kg so 1 Kg = RM 1.2/Kg, NPK price RM 160/50 Kg so 1 Kg = RM 3.2

Herewith the details:
Before Using Zeolite : 10 Acres —-> 750 Kg of NPK
Cost —> 750 Kg x RM 3.2/Kg = RM 2,400

After using Zeolite : 10 Acres —-> 450 Kg NPK + 300 Kg Zeolite (Replace 40% NPK with Zeolite)
Cost —> (450 Kg x RM 3.2/Kg) + (300 Kg x RM 1.2/Kg) = RM 1,800

So in 10 Acres Palm Oil plantation by replaced 40% NPK with the zeolite you can save the cost RM 600.


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