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Natural Zeolites for Animal Feed Additive

In this article We keen to share the tips how to use natural zeolites for your animal feed.

Why Zeolite ?

•Zeolite have a high attraction for water and many positive charged ions (K+, NH4+, Ca2+, Na+ and Mg2+) that can be reversibly bound or released depending on the surrounding conditions. Zeolites are beneficial feed additives for ruminants because of their high affinity for nutritionally vital species.

•Through their ion-exchange selectivity, zeolite minerals may act as sinks for the adsorption of excess rumen ammonia after feeding and gradually release it as the zeolites are regenerated to their natural state by cations from the saliva. Zeolites provide a more stable rumen environment with respect to N availability, that is beneficial to both rumen microbial fermentation and animal performance.\

•Zeolites have a quantitative effect on digestion by influencing rumen retention time (alteration of rumen turnover of fluid and/or particulate phases of digesta.

•Additionally zeolite can improve the physical properties of the feed by increasing flowability, reducing moisture levels, or as a anti-caking agent.


Advantages Using GreenZeo for Animal Feed.

•Improve the efficiency of feed given to consumption by 5-11%.

•Increasing the cattle appetite, accelerate growth and gain weight more regularly, and to increase egg production.

•Increase the absorption of food, improve metabolism and make the system more dry dirt and not too smelly.\

•Increase the body’s defenses against disease of livestock.

•Improve the quality of meat (more loudly), reducing levels of fat in fattening Sheep, Lamb, Buffalo, Chicken and other poultry.

•Increase the levels / quality of milk which is produced by dairy cows and sheep.


GreenZeo Dosage of Usage for Fowl

•Added on food composition: 2-5% Per Kgs.

•If admitted on places the dosage should be: 2-5% per Kgs x Number of Livestock x Amount of Consumption of Livestock.

•For the postal system enclosure / Litter with dose: 250-500 grs per square meter, was distributed to postal or mixed with litter.\


GreenZeo Dosage of Usage for Cattle *)

•Calf ages 2-6 month : 20 grams per day

•Calf ages 7-8 month : 30 grams per day

•Cattle: 50 grams per day\

*) Same dosage to Sheep and Horse


  • dennis chan
    May 9, 2012

    I am interested in the powder zeolite, is it possible to have the distribution curve of the particle size in order for me to understand more? Also, how is the heavy metal content, please advise with more information.

    I am in the animal feed industry and recently arranged (but not yet concluded) with an European zeolite manufacturer for sales into Vietnam, particularly to promote to the aquafeed mills/ farms. Right now, zeolite in feed is not a big thing so, we intend to push as new product to the industry players.

    I did not know that you are able to micronize the powder zeolites, it is this product that is most interesting for me. Hope to hear from you soon so that I could make a comparison and decide source of supply.

    • naturalzeolites
      May 9, 2012

      Dear Mr Dennis,

      Thanks for your comment. i will sent more information to your email.

      Winsen Setiawan (D&W Corporation)


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